Skilled Nomination Visa – 190

Skilled Nomination Visa – 190

The 190 visa is a points-tested permanent visa for nominated skilled workers who are chosen by an Australian State or Territory government.

190 Visa holders can:
  • Stay in Australia Permanently
  • Work and study in designated area of Australia
  • Travel to and from Australia for 5 years upon obtaining this visa
Skilled Nomination Visa

How long you can stay:

This is a permanent visa. It lets you stay in Australia for life. The nominated visa has a travel factor that finishes 5 years after the date of the visa grant.

The embassy grants the visa if you are in Australia.

For nationality purposes, your permanent residency starts on the day:

  • The embassy grants the visa if you are in Australia.
  • Upon entering Australia on this visa, if you are outside Australia.

You can contain members of the family unit in your submission.

You can:

  • Include the members of the family when you lodge your visa application.
  • Add them after you lodge your application but before an embassy decides on your visa.