Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa – 491

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa- 491

This is Fundamentally a Department of Home Affairs point-tested visa intended for skilled workers who desire to live and work in a regional area of Australia. The aspirant, with this visa,

  • Stay in Australia for 5 years.
  • Live, work and study in a selected regional area of Australia, excluding Sydney, Melbourne and, Brisbane.
  • Travel to and from Australia as many times as you want, until 5 years upon granting the visa.
  • Apply for permanent residency after three years from the time your visa is granted.
  • Be able to score 65 points or more on the Department of Home Affairs points test. State nomination for the subclass 491 visa gives you an extra 15 points towards the Department of Home Affairs points test.
Skilled Regional Visa

You can mention the below individuals in your visa application at the time of lodgement.

  • Your Partner
  • Your Child/Step-child Or
  • Your Partner’s Child/Step-child

You must lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) and be requested to apply for this visa

A score of a minimum of 65 points is required to be invited to apply. You must meet the points score suitability at the time you are invited to apply for the visa.