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Akshay Tripathi

Akshay Tripathi

How an Indian Accountant Can Take Australian PR.

Australia Permanent Residency    Mar 09 2024
How an Indian Accountant Can Take Australian PR.

The most popular route, in my experience as an Indian accountant looking to obtain a Permanent Residency (PR) visa in Australia, is the General Skilled Migration (GSM) option. The following is a short guide outlining the procedures to pursue Australian PR as an accountant:

1. Assessment of Skills:

As an accountant, you must get a skills evaluation from the appropriate assessing authority to relocate to Australia, which is the location of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia (ICAA). The Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) or CPA Australia could be this. Your credentials and experience will be proven to satisfy Australian requirements by the skills assessment. Should you require any additional information or help during the assessment procedure, 

2. Proficiency in the English Language:

To be eligible for Australian PR, you must demonstrate language competency with an accredited test like the IELTS. Examining the precise requirements is crucial because the minimum score necessary varies depending on the type of visa.

3. Send in your Expression of Interest (EOI):

If your skill assessment is accepted, you can use the SkillSelect system to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). Your EOI should list your talents, credentials, employment history, and other pertinent information. Your EOI will be assessed based on some criteria, including age, education, employment history, and English language ability, and a point total will be calculated.

4. Points and Invitation:

You must gather the necessary points to be invited to apply for a visa. The required minimum points may change based on factors like age, experience in the workforce, education, and English language skills. 

5. Apply for a Visa for Skilled Migration:

Applying for a skilled migration visa is possible after receiving an invitation.

In general, accountants fall into two subclasses

The skilled independent subclass 189 visa and

The skilled nominee visa, subclass 190.

The 190 visa needs to be nominated by a state or territory administration, whereas the 189 visa is for independent skilled migrants.

6. Requirements for Character and Health:

You must have a medical checkup, produce police clearance documents, and meet the standards for both character and health.

7. Wait for Visa Decision: 

The processing time may differ after you submit your visa application. Please allow the Department of Home Affairs to complete your visa processing.

It is important to remember that immigration laws might change, and the data shown here is based on the circumstances as of my most recent update in February 2024. Therefore, you should consult with our Australian visa specialists to ensure you get the most recent information for your particular situation. 

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